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For the most part, and in most of the world, men still have much more power and social status than women do. So when a man wears women's clothing, he is lowering his status and lessening his power. When a woman wears men's clothing, she is perceived as neutral or raising her status, depending on how expensive the clothes are.

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I posted this same message on the Religion site earlier tonight.

Why do men wear clothes that are female cut?

It is a known fact that crossdressers, (men or women) have had this issue since birth.

Do some research with the psychiatry pages and read why.

We didn't choose to chose us. It is just like gays...when I was growing up Gay was not a word for the GLBT group. They were just called "Queers".

But, you condemn us for putting on a pair of panties, a bra and pantyhose along with female cut outerwear and make-up without knowing the facts.

I was at the store tonight after this same question came up elsewhere today, and I saw men in silk athletic shorts and silk shirts. Women in jeans and piercings and tattoos galore.

When I was growing would never be seen in silk anything. And, for most of my adolescence Women never wore pants.

If it such a problem then maybe we should roll the clock back to when men wore pants and women wore skirts.

I am not chauvinistic...just trying to stress a point.

I would give anything not to be a crossdresser but that is not to be, so I make the best of it.

My wife will tell me from time to time to get dressed as Shirley because I am being an ***. Crossdressing mellows me out and keeps me human.

As this is a religion site, everyone should make sure their are no skeletons in your closet.

I posted a question a while back which got no answers but here it is.

If you had a choice of neighbors...who would you want?

A person that crossdresses or a convicted rapist , murderer or child molester. For me that is quite simple...Their is only one that hasn't broke a law. It is not against the law to crossdress. And most crossdressers are 100% heterosexual...not GAY!!! There are exceptions with anything in life.

We are not dirty, and not necessarily low on testosterone, but just like having a soft side.

Beware of the people that say bad things about people they don't even know because they are probably saying we are dirty and perverted while wearing a nice pair of their wife's panties and pantyhose.

Oh, yeah...another question? Who was it that deflowered innocent alter boys? If my memory is correct I am sure it wasn't a crossdresser!

Watch out for your neighbor might be a crossdresser, or the policeman, upholding the law, the fireman, your local politician, businessman, your son or daughter, (just think of Cassidy Bono) etc, etc,etc.

We harm no one and just want people to understand this is the way we are and to date there is not a medical procedure that can remove these feelings. The only person that can change us is GOD and he has other plans for us. Our purpose on earth has something to do with our crossdressing as God doesn't make mistakes!!!

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Because women wearing men's clothes do it for convenience, comfort, or fashion. Men do it to be freaks. And when women wear men's clothes they don't constantly ask men how they look. They don't have the infantile obsession that male cross dressing asswipes do.

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Sorry to disappoint you men are not doing it to be a freak. We just enjoy wearing them for comfort just like women.

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Such hate towards cross dressers its just pathetic. It is a known fact that people who hate others for something cross dressing for instance are just hiding something within themselves. I for one think what ever you want to wear is fine I don't care if I see a guy swimming in a bikini thats fine with me as long as he likes it. And another thing in the 1800's men wore dresses as common attire and so I state that quit all this senseless hate because believe it or not I am a cross dresser and a guy and I am also a well respected master in Judo so anyone who is so opposed can just get over it! We happen to be more refined than most men and speaking for myself I am not an asswipe far from it actually.

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That brings up an interesting point.
With concealed carry permits now offered in every state except IL. a person should be very careful who they harass in public because you never know who is carrying a gun. Yes I carry a gun, a nice little one that fits nicely in my purse or strapped to my upper thigh and a nice automatic when the guy is out.

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Because men are generally expected to be insecure about their sexuality.

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First of all half the population is below average intelligence. Unfortunately the mean is not very high either.

People with very little ability to think independently tend to be more comfortable with the masculine than the feminine. The rules of behavior are much simpler for masculinity than femininity so it's an easier trait to identify with. Couple that with an us vs them attitude and there you have it.

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Lot of ladys say they do that are happy 2 fucken say it.

Men are not the only ones that will say yes i do..

I wear mens things shirts shorts.

& ****.

I came foward!

Men wear ladys pants bras & pants shirts & things because it makes them feel like someone.

This is the dummest thing i ever seen some one ask!!!!!

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At least give us this one. There are so many double standards that favor men and only a handful for us women. :)

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guys have more doubles standards favoring them??? such as??

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Actually, most women don't. Our pants and shirts are quite different from mens pants and shirts. We wear these clothes for convenience and comfort -- not to try and appear to be the opposite gender.

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Because men don't want to be compared to women. The male hubris is supposed to be constructed around that difference.

I think they're afraid of being raped.

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In the not so distant future Herero men will wear dresses. I will!

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Because men are conservative, conventional and want to exude always that superior masculine aura when it comes to wearing clothes.

Women has always been innovative, daring and bold when it comes to clothing that they even manage to wear men's or sometimes incorporate men's style with their fashion and shows that they enjoy it.

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women wear womens clothes style notwithstanding

men wearing womens clothes give me a head ache

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If I catch anyone ever frowning at my boxers, there will be hell to pay.

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Just trade them for a cute pair of panties...If you weren't interested you wouldn't have posted on this page or furthermore you wouldn't have been reading these pages.

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good old double standard men are gay or cd but women are never labeled lesbians for wearing mens clothing not right

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