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Me too, have felt that way all my life.

Soft clothing is more comfortable.

The bulk of society has conservative expectations.

Most men prefer to appear acceptable to the majority.

One in five men has some degree of colour blindness.

It recently occurred to me that men probably like the stiff clothing because it hides a multitude of things that they prefer were not seen. A suit can make a fat, skinny or flabby man appear less so.

Young men have no control over moments of excitement.

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LOL. I like that answer. You are probably right.

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What's wrong with jeans and t shirts.

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Nothing. But I am talking about dress shirts and pants. Even casual shirts, other than t's, they are all the same. BORING

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Got 1pair pants 2 dress shirts and for shoes I polish up my black hawk boots

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Men aren't usually liberated like everyone else so they don't tend to go for anything away from their small space.

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However, if they started, perhaps they would. 10 years ago, they didn't have mens thongs.

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