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they know nothing about it..they don't understand it

have never experienced it

therefore have no have to walk in another shoes to truly ''get it''.

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they don't understand that depression has a range of severity and they are speaking from personal experience of what helped them and people they know--that is my guess.

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People who have never been depressed prolly think this is true.

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yes. Experiencing something yourself often changes one's perceptions about a issue.

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As tough as it is to be around people when you are depressed, there needs to be a healthy balance of supportive, positive people in your life and time to be alone with yourself. Positive Thinking is a major thing in depression, but you can't force yourself to think positive when you are depressed. Medication can help as well, but then again you will still have bad days that the depression seems to take control. I have found that sometimes I need to be reminding of things that give me joy in my life. It helps when you have people that take you out or go with you to have fun. Activities that take my mind off of everything help me the most. Walking. reading, watching tv, shopping, baking, ect... all help me to take my mind off of the crap that may be in life. Depression is a struggle and you have to take one moment at a time and deal with it that way. Positive thinking, meds, bla bla, help short term, but if you are really depressed, it seems to sneak on you at any moment. It is a battle, that for some last for the rest of their life. Whether they choose to deal with it or fall with it, is up to them. I know, I suffered from it and have been diagnoised by doctors.

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The "positive thoughts" approach didn't really help me. For me there are four things that help me the most.

regular exercise (which prompts me to eat healthier too)

a routine, including regular sleep schedule and planning my week in advance

trying new activities/experiences/books on a regular basis (I took a sailing class last year and am starting another one this week)

learning that my thoughts and feelings ARE NOT REALITY.

My thoughts and feelings are my perception of reality. My own perception of reality is a little distorted, like everyone's, because I can only look at things through the filter of my own life experiences and my own lessons. When I am depressed, my perception is much more distorted. I get confused, thinking things really are the way I "feel" they are. Once I learned that I was not worthless just because I THOUGHT I was, or that just FEELING like things would never get any better, does not make it so... well, then I learned to manage my depression much better.

For me this is VERY different than "think happy thoughts."

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That's what I wanna know. I'm depressed, and I don't see how just positive thoughts are gonna help.

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Obviously they have never been depressed it is not something u wave a wand at and boom your better it is a mixture of things

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Because they don't know what it's like.

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Mindset does help as said previously. People have a tendency to simplify things or sum them up in black and white terms. Depression involves negative thoughts therefore the opposite is positive even though it is a little more complex than that.

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Yes, it is! In the fight against depression, your thoughts are indeed a powerful weapon, but should not be the only weapon you use.

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Because they have never experienced depression.

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I've been told to think about fields of sunflowers to improve my mood.... by someone who honestly thought that mental pictures of fields of flowers are a sensible way to cope with my 3rd retrenchment and the 2nd major loss of a friendship. How does any reasonably intelligent adult take someone like that seriously?

I don't know about you, but the planet-wide certainty that being upbeat is the "correct" frame of mind bothers me greatly.... I tend to find upbeat positive people shallow & frivolous, and I don't like to associate with them because their need to see the bright side of things makes me feel like they are belittling my darker feelings. Since when are my thoughts and feelings less valid than yours just because they're different. How do you take seriously someone who works that hard at shaking of people and places and situations that don't remind them of sunshine and roses? Do these people have even the most tentative grasp on reality? Do they not feel things deeply enough to be damaged by them?

The only people I've ever met who claimed they could prove that their positive outlook improved their lives are people who *already* posses other ways to make those improvements but are in complete denial of it. If you substitute "positive thinking" with "faith" the number doubles. They have skills or attributes that are mandatory for the changes they need to make, but firmly believe its the post-it notes with inspirational quotes on the bathroom mirror that got them the job or the new partner or whatever.

To be blunt, I think that the world is full of people who think that having a bad day is the same as being depressed. When I have a bad day, having a drink and a laugh with my friends cheers me up too.... but it does sweet f-all to cure the depression that 6 months of therapy and years of mild anti-depressants & alternative cures haven't budged.

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Let the vibes blow like the ocean breeze

Mamma always told me there’d be days like these

Keep your head right, just do as you please

Never interfere with an evil man’s schemes

Keep your heart pure, conceive your own dreams

Respect your fellow man, the earth with the trees

The air that we breathe and the highest mountain peak

Bring truth from your soul to your mouth when you speak

No need to get loud .. messin with others, stressin’ your brother, it’s time to uncover

Time to choose another path you see

Cause the road most traveled’s negativity

Put your fist down (fist down), throw your hands in the air

Respect yourself, be somebody who cares

Don’t let life get you down, don’t feel abused

Keep a positive view unto yourself be true

We need some positive vibes for these rainy days

Let the sun come out keep push these clouds away

We need some positive vibes life’s for fun so go and play

Let the sunlight in, brighten up your day

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About when you grew up with open wounds from child trauma that had never been treated and during adulthood it all rubs raw in your face.

Years of therapy (since it is a long term trauma and not an instant event that provoked depression) + 2 different anti depressants + coaches others to twist negative via positive but still experiencing aggressive Yo yo’s effect that brings down then up then back down again then up via down to up again and back and forth...I mean, is there a limit one can support or give to try and make it?

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maybe they feel depression is caused by bad life experiences

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By changing your thoughts you can change the way you view your situation thus changing your emotions.

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