I mean really..Some questions are really just for fun..Just Lighten up some and have some fun..Laughter is a GOOD thing you should try it sometimes This question is a apply where needed question LOL
vickieprince vickieprince 51-55, F 13 Answers Oct 27, 2009

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I think they are AFRAID to lose control. The A types -- yeah. They have self esteem issues just like everyone else ... they are just afraid to laugh :)

Or maybe it's the stick that is choved so far up their *** they can't get comfy :)

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They have forgotten how to laugh and be I dont know but I am with you on this.. life is too short .. so make the most of it and laugh..some more..

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because they have a stick wedged firmly up there a**. or in some cases a 2 by 4.

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they work for ep =P

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Its their unique personality. I had a friend who loves watching How I met Your Mother, totally loved it. Like we used to discuss the seasons and episodes and stuff. When the new stuff came out (4th season), we watched it together. He nevver cranked a smile, forget about laughing. But he found it funny it seems.

Basically , some find it funny, but never laugh.

Some just dont laugh...its the way they are.

Some dont find certain topics funny.

Some are just emo's.

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I'll laugh when I see something I think is funny.

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