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I hate insurance companies. The company I worked for had long term disability on every employee. I was injured badly but the insurance doesn't want to pay because the medical tests all came back negative. Now I'm having to use the mental route to try and get the money I should be getting anyway.

You got me on my soapbox but I'm through. lol

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One of my clients has a workers comp policy that he pays through the nose for because some nose-wipe milked it for over 170k USD. He was found to be committing fraud, and while the insurance company is suing him, they will never reduce my clients rate.

Meanwhile, my own son received whiplash and a totaled truck 2 years ago by being hit from behind at 40 mph, and hasn't yet received a dime, because he posted a picture on Facebook of a physical activity they think discounts his daily pain. I'm out of pocket countless thousands for his medical treatment.

Totally upside down system if you ask me.

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The state I live in forces you to either pay the state or buy auto insurance and doesn't recognize no-fault insurance, but if you file a claim and were not at fault the insurance company can declare you "unlucky" and raise your rates. So... whether you are lucky or not you are forced to buy insurance and if you are unlucky they make you pay more. Vegas would kill for that kind of house advantage.

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Its because we live in the Greed filled capital of the world known as the United States! There are few items in this country that we have access to without being charged for.

For a fee! We are even been solicited by companies that say they will protect our

personal information.

For a fee! We have companies (i.e. banks) that say they will hold our own money so we can spend.

For a fee! We have a company charging us to get into a contract AND out of one too!

Its pathetic!! And then you have these blood sucking insurance companies that use a shitload of fine print and corporate lawyers in order to withhold the services we have paid for! **** them!

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Our boat had insurance....last year, it sucked seaweed into the air intake, and the engine caught husband started throwing water on it to put it out...the insurance company said they 'depreciated' the value of the boat, and therefore are not paying the full amount of the now cost us an additional $ question would be, why, then, do we pay the insurance premiums for that particular year and model, if they will still not cover all of the repairs? Frikken crooks...should have just let it burn.....

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Yup, just a few years ago, the home insurance we had for 15+ years kept going up every 2 years since 2004. But when we called and asked for a new roof since it was leaking horribly in one spot, they denied... We dropped them. Then years later, the bank contacts us saying if we don't get our own insurance, they're going to CHARGE us for it. Unbelievable.

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It is for the big things. Lost something on holiday, fine, police report, forms to fill out etc by the time you pay the excess you probably won't bother. Get injured on holiday, they will fly you home.

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Cause they are crooks!

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natural disaster termed act of god... Blahh

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