I just wonder about this. I mean I accept it for what it is. but just dont understand why some things about men and women are so different. Like Guys are super visual. Motivated buy beauty and sexy things about women > more so than women and also in different ways too. Like why is it that Guys get turned on when they see to girls kissing but that does not seem to work in reverse. 2 attractive women can make out in a bar and every guy is just glued to watch and things its hot. But you never see women get turned on if 2 guys make out. ha ha I just wonder. And I wonder why women are attracted to bad boys? Logically id think a woman would want a nice guy who is kind and caring and stays out of trouble and does good. But many women pass up a good guy for the bad boy... some dude who mistreats them and cheats and is drunk all the time and selfish. whats the deal? And what do women really like in a man? They say one thing... then actually fall for something different? Hel
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Guys and girls brains are wired differently. Guys are very visual and are quickly turned on by what they see. This explains why fetishes are much more common with guys.

A good quote I once heard explains another reason, "Women need a reason to have sex, guys just need a place." This is true and is a factor. Girls are turned on with their imaginations. Just look at sales of books with erotic scenes.

Women need more time to become aroused. Two guys who want to have sex don't need any foreplay. They can go straight to the ****** very quickly.

These are all generalizations and don't explain all people or their desires or how they become aroused. As an example, some girls have fetishes.

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Thanks for your honest reply and your right. And Yes I am aware of most of what you have said. I just sometimes wonder why the difference is so noticeable in how men and women are. I wonder if its more of a hardwired thing. Something people are born with > or is it social conditioning, is it trends that are passed down or DNA I just like to discuss things and try to learn more about stuff. thanks for contributing to the post

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People's likes and desires and such are spread along a continuum. The average guy may be more visual than the average woman, but that means that some women will be more visual than the average guy and some guys will be less visual than the average woman, and so on.

As for two guys making out, well I've seen some gay **** guy-on-guy stuff that I have found hot because there were two really physically attractive guys and they were doing to each other oral stuff that we would usually be doing to our men and damn that was hot. So it all depends.

Like you, I am baffled by why so many women do seem to fall for "bad boy" types who are really ********... but then, why are so many guys ruled by their small head rather than their big head when some large breasted chick lets them look down her blouse?

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Thanks for contributing to the discussion. You have some nice input there. I have never heard a woman admitt that she thought it was hot to see 2 guys make out like that. Hmmm interesting but for the most part I think we can say usually its more of a guy thing to see 2 chicks than for women to see 2 guys and that is probably a good thing. ha ha Yeah I am really baffled about a lot of different human behavior myself so that is why I like to start discussions and see how people view things... its helps me figure things out. You are right and I am with you. It does baffle me that many women are attracted to bad boys.. even to the point of their own demise. I have known chicks that liked the bad boy thing so much they get involved in severley abusive relationships when there are better quality men out there they refuse to date and that is baffling to me.
and Yes. what you say about men is also baffling. Men are often motivated buy their lower membrane and don't use the upper membrane enough. I think more so when guys are younger... that is when the hormones are raging and guys haven't learnt the lessons of life yet. Human behavior doesn't always make sense.
it really doesn't. But I like to analyze it and discuss it and try to figure things out and learn some things.
Humans are very strange at times. not always making sense > but I guess that is what keeps life interesting
that people are different and not always predictable

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Yes, exactly, that does keep life interesting. (By the way, when I said I have enjoyed guy-on-guy ****, that only is scenes of making out and having oral sex -- once they get into anal, I have no interest in seeing any more.)

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