Say the sending of Troops to Iraq over a million people were there yet the government at the failed to yield and still went with it. When students protested about tution fees the current government never listened or how about doctors, tube drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, public sector workers why won't the government ever listen.
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Funny you can get a million people to protest but only 100 of them actually vote

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Voting is where your voice is heard in this country. If we yielded to the masses we would be anarchists and not a true country based on laws and leadership.

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Cause they dont give a rats bum about what people want

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Because unless protests become so large and violent they start to shut down the country like they have in the Arab Spring, they are not an effective way to impact government policy. Government policy is dictated by people with influence and except on election day, voters have no influence.

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Apart from the war, students and taxi drivers they're all public sector workers.

So let's see. They get higher pay than private sector workers, better pensions, better holidays and yet they go on strike for more? Does this sound like a bunch of people the government should be listening to? Remember that these people don't really pay tax. How can it be tax if it's already government money? By the same token they don't pay national insurance either. The entire public sector as a whole doesn't make any money for them to pay tax and national insurance with in the first place, not one single pound. They're a net drain on the economy of £700bn.

Where does the money come from for all this cushy pay and pensions: the private sector which all taxes added up pays 50% tax all of which goes straight into the public sectors back pocket. Slag off the bankers all you want, one bank exec pays more tax in real terms than 50% of the working population i.e the public sector, even if he's in some off shore tax avoidence scheme and pays no income tax, because of VAT etc.

Why should person A who earns money for the country, and already has to give half his earnings up, have to pay more to pay for person B, who earns zero money for the country, so that person B can live better even when he's alread living better than person A who he's scrounging off via the government?

Students are a special case. Where do you think the money comes from to educate students? Doesn't come from them. It comes from general taxation. So everyone pays for these people to go to university, even really poor people who will never go.

And who goes to university? Overwhelmingly it's the middle class. So poor people subsidise rich people to go to university. Is that fair? No, obviously not.

So when the government says to students "Hang on a minuite, we're not taxing poor people anymore so that you can go to university on the cheap" they protest. Is it right tat the government backs down and charges people who don't go to university to pay for people who do? No.

Students will benefit from it, students won't pay anything until they're on a good salary, students should pay for it.

Taxi drivers I don't know about so I won't comment.

The war is a difficult one because it hinges on what the government really believed at the time. If they arguendo truly believed there was a threat to national security and that war was the best measure to be taken then they would have been grossly negligent to listen to protesters because they would have been putting everyone in greater risk by doing so.

If on the other hand they knew full well it was all bullshit then that's obviously different.

Don't get into the habit of thinking "protesters aren't listened to, government doesn't care" because government has to listen to everyone, not just the people who happen to shout loudest. If a million students protest there are another 59,000,000 people's views to consid

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I don't think it's a very safe assumption to say that everyone who is not physically on the streets directly opposes the protests.

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Yes but it is a safe assumption to say that the government doesn't know what they think. This is a democracy, we do not allow small groups of people to decide policy.

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Uh-oh ...

Ra,mbo voice cumin on ...

Don't you dare give up, soldier

We on EP can keep up daily pressure onh tyhe Govt

Google, Chairman Maobama aka OB1-Can't-Own-Me aka Bloodsucking Count Obacula aka OB'have aka Obummer ..

EP search it

Think ya get da point, eh?


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You Brit's aren't alone. The 'Occupy Movement' over here is largely ignored by the media, by government and by 'the people' they are trying to represent. That's not quite true about the government though - they do send out the police.

National leaders are far too busy shoring-up banks, protecting the wealthy, and creating more favorable conditions for Corporations to remember that the purpose of government is to represent the people of the nation, meaning, to take care of the needs of every person in the country FIRST.

To my mind, the capitalist system is no longer viable. It simply doesn't support human needs, though it still promises it will satisfy human desires. And I believe that if the 'promoters' of the system continue to ignore peaceful protest by 'the people', things will escalate to a place we really don't want to be, but may have to.

I think that things may have reached a point of ignition in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain, and to a much lesser degree in America and Canada.

These are strange times. While people are becoming dissatisfied 'en masse' in various places, most continue to be afraid about the shaky and corrupt financial systems, and how that's going to affect their families, and they're anxious about the increasing instability in world politics and the possibilty of war clouds appearing on the horizon. They're still clinging to hope that all will be well, "the way it used to be", and that they're lives will return to a happy normality, while in their hearts, feeling that things are going to get worse.There is bound to come a time when people will shed their fears and say enough is enough!

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The technical term is "corruption".

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Governments govern, not listen. All governments think they know what's best for the population. So, even though more than 50% of the people don't like what the government is doing to them, They're stuck with that government until the next election and then you can vote them out of office, if you're lucky enough to live in a democratic country. If you don't live in a democracy, you have to do what the people of the Arab Spring are doing, and that's pretty ugly.

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Very simple. Your government is just like our government. They don't give a 'frak' about you. It's their job to pretend they're listening and that they are concerned about your welfare. The operative word being, of course, 'pretend.' Don't be blind. They're not there to serve you. They are only there to serve their own interests and feather their own nests. Get on YouTube and watch George Carlin's stand up bit called 'It's a big club and you ain't in it.' He hits the nail right on the head.

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If a government is seen to bow to protest or popular opinion, then the slightest niggle to the masses will be protested in the expectation of capitulation. Government would be even more chaotic than it already is. Im not against protest but it has to be effectively national in its voice and for the right reasons.

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