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Hello Ms. RedLLip,

I sincerely believe it is human nature that males do not change their ways over time. Oh yes, a guy might temporarily change whatever he is doing -- but ONLY if it's in HIS best interest (such as, he thinks he will lose you if he doesn't temporarily mend his ways).

If you think about relationships you have known in other couples, you will notice the following, as relayed to a personal friend who happens to be a divorce attorney:

The man blames the woman because SHE has changed from the first time they met; YET the woman blames the man, because he WON'T change!!

Go figure. I am sorry to be so blunt, but this "says it like it is".



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once he gets away with messing up, it's like hey she took me back last time.

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He is a coward and is demonstrating what he doesn't have the balls to say. Don't give him what he don't want darlin. If a man wants you, he will treat you right. You will know he wants you. This dude is SOOO SECURE about how much you want him that he don't have to treat you right. (that dear is your fault). Remove yourself from his life, give his last chance to a new guy. walk away from him. He has shown you through his mess ups, HE IS A LOSER.....

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That hurts sooo much but i think your right.

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Because you have demonstrated that u are a pushover and he can.

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He is taking you for granted.

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