Mitt Romney doesnt ever know what hes talkin about watch the debates watch the damn news. Mitt is a walking talkin JOKE. GET REAL PEOPLE. Obama got the most wanted man in the worlld killed. The man who killed all those americans on 911 obama made that happen. GET WITH IT PEOPLE. WHY ARE U TURNIN ON OUR PRESIDENT
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Not everyone is against President Obama - a vocal group of Republicans are against him. There are more Democrats who are for him. it is not that Republicans want Romney - no any body that has a pulse would actually do as well in their eyes if they do what is in the Republican platform. Now they created the deficit - they cut taxes - particularly for the wealthy - they look at government as a beast and they intend on starving the beast - they signed a pledge to do exactly this not with the American people but with one man - Grover Norquest. No man who signed his pledge should be permitted to serve in government. Taxes are the price to be paid to live in a civilized society. Taxes have to come back to what they were under Bill Clinton for everyone. It is not just taxes they cut they spent on two wars on a credit card AND they allowed the banks to lend on housing and sell junk mortgage debt as securities to the entire world. They caused the housing collapse and they are responsible for it. Now people must vote in their own best interests and those interests are best served by President Obama - an honourable man, a smart man and let me tell you something - he has to bring Bill Clinton out of “retirement” and serve as chief of domestic policy in his cabinet. Ever hear of T. Boone Pickens - he has a plan and it must be followed to convert all ground transport to natural gas and off of imported oil. The next decade belongs not to China but to America. Believe it. Natural gas and electric powered cars - even to be exported to the world. Jobs - millions of jobs are their to be created. Want to listen to a smart man - try Warren Buffet - he is a very smart man. Another one? Try Bill Gates. The election of President Obama is almost a done deal and it will happen. Now give him a house and senate that is democratic as well. Oh and Ben Bernanke - nominate that man for a Nobel Prize because he kept the whole mess from imploding. if there had to be one man in history who was in the right place at the right time it would be him. He studied his whole life for this moment and he was read and knew exactly what to do. America is a great country - make no mistake about it

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Shortsightedness, pure and simple. But, they can swallow the pill as he won.

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I think Obaa is the better choice than Romney. But I'm not thrilled with him. It really bothers me that he's spending so much instead of trying to fix the problems.

But Romney scares me even more...

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I had this discussion several times over and here is the thing. People would rather take in what the media spews out without question. If you want to break it down, there have been several presidents, including George W Bush who have spent more money on the wrong things. However, Obama inherited 3 trillion in debt and decided to take the riskier but correct route of government infusion. No, it is not just spending, it's investing.

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I have never been a big fan of Obama but am thankful he brought Osama Bin Laden to an end and has wound down the Iraqi war.

I think there is too much of an attempt to classify and divide people.

I also think that people are fed up with the fiscal irresponsibility of government and people are becoming more aware and are rising up against it...

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