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im talking Aust Standards here
Fishin4Life Fishin4Life 41-45, M 3 Answers Dec 26, 2011

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If you connect up EIGHT appliances to your 8-point power board, its up to YOU to calculate and control the load so you don't overload the circuit breaker devices (either on your 8-point power board or the main house switchboard).

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They are making you want to buy the bigger power board just for the idea or hope of more power

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You can think of the power socket in a room as already part of a power board. If a room has 3 sockets the power for those 3 sockets is coming from one feed line (one board) so if you overload the sockets you risk an electrical short. Imagine a power board of 8 sockets and you plug power boards into each of those 8 sockets... see what I'm getting at? A power board is designed to split the power from a socket into 2 or more feeds and a large board (6 sockets or more) will usually have its own internal breaker for safety. If you overload a power board the boards breaker kicks in not the main lines breaker.

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