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If he is looking for one that's not so bad - he might be depressed.

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you let him...

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No I dont he jus falls asleep no matter what ....I could ***** and all and all I get is u sleep whatever I am up all the time

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Jobless recovery could have a bit to do with things here.... sleeping and eating you'll hold against him?

How about that filthy bathroom business I'll bet he does.... smells bad unlike the roses you leave huh?


I'd believe it if youd not sounded like some freak who thinks "work" is defined by their ideas of what someone else should and should not be doing, an arbitrary and stupid standard from someone who thinks THEY get to tell others what to do.

Work just to work is stupid and pointless for the slob who does the hard stuff for someone else's profits for the poorest pay, and benis in the industrialized world

That kind of "work" I'll only do if taking additional comp from the business

Pay me a living and assure me of an ongoing job and you get loyal service from me but we don't offer that

Sweat your own business and leave your judgements to yourself... your controlling attitude won't work on everybody

I don't respond to derision or slurs and don't act like hard work hasn't gotten hard to find these days... likely at minimum wage and less than 30 hours that doesn't pay the bills

All while corporate profits hit new records

Yeah it's HIS fault.... he probably kills all those babies that has the richest nation on the planet with the developed worlds highest infant mortality rate too huh?

You call somebody lazy but say nothing of the real criminals who call ownership hard work while giving the real workers as little as possible including what the rest of the world considers human rights like health

If they can't pay for health then let the lazy bastards die... good Americans have money so were only letting the lazy worthless people who leach off the government die anyway

The victims are at fault and the perps aren't to blame.... accidental death from medication poisoning is just the cost of doing business even if it's now the leading cause of accidental death the richest peoples profits are more important than American lives

Thank goodness we have moral guardians to berate us and blame us for our laziness

rather than maybe fight for real jobs and a little fairness from the top quintile that's taking everything while keeping us arguing amongst ourselves rather than look at their cheating and greed as any issue at all

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I had an ex and a room mate who did this...both got the boot!

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Depression. I should get a ******* medal just for being able to do that.

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How can he be lazy if he is looking for one ?

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yes I might called him Lazy but come on you get up and then go back to sleep he was up all night talkin online to ***** and went to bed at 12n and got up around 8pm and then went back to bed at 10pm hello?

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When a woman marries a man, she has to look after a child.

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Goes more with the Men Hello?

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