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My bestEST friend since 8 years old, going on 30 years this fall, is a guy. Yeah, we always tell each other everything. We were so close that there were people, throughout our lives, thinking we are romantically involved, but we never were. We did lose touch for about 15 years after high school. But, when we found each other again, we have been talking everyday for more than five years now. We know details of our everyday lives. We see each other 1-4 times a year. We both confirmed we are soulmates, but it appears we cannot be together for a very long time, even though we both technically are available. It's just the miles, jobs and kids keeping us physically apart, but when we see each other, we just are bestEST friends like we saw each other the day before.
StarMommyO StarMommyO 36-40, F 5 Answers Jul 16, 2012

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Maybe that simply is the relationship that you are meant to have. Make the most out of it, if things end up coming together then fantastic, if not, don't sweat it.

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Write a screenplay but replace EST with INT or EXT.

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i love you mayhemmmm

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