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we have been dating since 3 months we met at skl but when we started dating skl was over, so we don't c each other that much like since we started dating we've seen each other 6 times only but be4 it was everyday... anw he has always been so in love with me he was so romantic and used 2 tell me all those sweet things and stuff like that and he even used to mc me when he goes online or when he sleeps but now it's nothing anymore not a call not a text, i call him sometimes but he doesn't reply i am so confused. i know i may seem needy but he wasn't like that at all!! i am confused what should i do?? am i feeling this way cz we are apart??
rockdevil909 rockdevil909 16-17, F 3 Answers Aug 5, 2011

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Maybe u need a new 1

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Sweetheart, from what you've told us, I think that perhaps you may have to face the fact that it just isn't meant to be. Relationships in themselves are tough but when you're 16 and 17 it's far more difficult considering you've got so much else going on, like what you want to do with regards a career, who you really are, you know? Arrange to meet up with him and voice your concerns. I'm sure he'll appreciate your honesty and perhaps he's been feeling the same way. If he respects you he will tell you the truth, that is, that he's no longer interested or otherwise. Whatever the outcome, remember that you're so young and there are plenty of great guys out there for you to meet yet. Good luck! x

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i know but seriously.... that guy he is so different...with him i feel so happy, he knows how 2 love me....he is perfect really any girl would be very lucky 2 have him! i feel so lucky cz he's all mine... he may not be that attractive but he has a heart that knows how 2 love... i really don't know what happened lately we never had any fight or any argument, every day with him has been perfect, everytime he talks to me he shows me that he loves me more... i know that at my age it's early 2 fall in real love.... but i know and i am sure that he is the right one for me... but all i need to know right now is am i beeing needy like i annoy him?? and what should i do? like stop talking to him or what??

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