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Sometimes – unfortunately – being an ******* is the way to get ahead From Tom Perkins to Tim Armstrong, high-profile obnoxiousness is everywhere. And with good reason, sadly: there’s evidence that acting dislikeably can boost your status ********: there are a lot of them about. The year is still young, and yet already, here in the US, we’ve been treated to the venture capitalist Tom Perkins, comparing criticism of the super-rich to Kristallnacht; and to AOL’s Tim Armstrong, blaming his decision to cut staff retirement benefits on two staff members who were selfish enough to have newborn babies requiring expensive hospital care. It’s a leap from the likes of Perkins and Armstrong to the New York Post commentator Andrea Peyser, who used her column this week to attack the notion that Philip Seymour Hoffman might have been in the grips of drug addiction. (“He made his choice,” America’s least empathetic human concluded breezily.) And it’s probably unfair to group any of the above with the
koyptakh koyptakh 51-55, M 1 Answer Feb 18, 2014 in Politics

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