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I really consider the EP should be a bit more advance and include more of the features that we enjoy in the website. It would be nice to see what people write in their status updates when we use the app, that way we could know a bit of what type of person is that. I say it because of a problem I had earlier for not being able to see certain things in the app that were visible online
GothGirl1389 GothGirl1389 22-25, F 1 Answer Jul 4, 2014 in Community

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youre exactly right; which is why I NEVER use the EP iOS app. Its useless, and bc I like uploading/viewing pics, the app has no use for me. I use the mobile web browser version, thats what the app SHOULD be

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Exactly :)
I hate this stupid app
It only caused me a problem with the guy from my other post :/

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