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As humans ur conciuos mind is wired to be receptive to instant gratification.

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some swine took away the sign showing where the junction is

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less traffic. who cares?

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It's bumpier and has a smaller roadworks budget, but it's also more interesting, and has a lot of treasures on the way. Sometimes it's slower than the main road, but you end up getting more out of it. (Unique stories, if nothing else.) Sometimes it's faster just because you're not neck-to-neck with everyone else.

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because it's unfamiliar

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Difficult Paths

With but a small understanding

One may follow the Way like a main road,

Fearing only to leave it;

Following a main road is easy,

Yet people delight in difficult paths.

When palaces are kept up

Fields are left to weeds

And granaries empty;

Wearing fine clothes,

Bearing sharp swords,

Glutting with food and drink,

Hoarding wealth and possessions -

These are the ways of theft,

And far from the Way.

Lao Tzu

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Speed limit is too slow, too many damn traffic lights, and the condition of the road sucks.

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It's the harder way to get to your destination , I agree the question sounds like the Robert Frost poem.

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Its off the beaten track.

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This question reminds me of the poem T road not taken by Robert Frost...

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because it's hard and takes effort...

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because no one likes it. sort of like my questions

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