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The truth isn't messy. It's people's version of and reaction to the truth that can be messy.

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Cause it can hurt

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I think the truth is only messy ... after someone did something that he or she is not proud for the world to know. When you have to confess the truth that you did something that was entirely wrong to do ... THEN the truth is messy.

It reminds me of someone who only tells a half truth, meaning that someone is purposefully covering up the "bad" part of what he or she did. Usually people only come clean after they have been caught!!!! THEN the truth is messy.

There was a pastor at a former church who had taken indecent liberties with at least eight adult female parishioners!!! He didn't confess anything, until one irate husband approached the pastor at gunpoint.

Once that pastor had admitted he had abused his power as a person of authority, then seven other ladies came forward. THEN the truth was messy, especially when he had to confess the truth to the congregation ... in the presence of his wife!!! Absolutely true story.

Name of the church and pastor is withheld for privacy purposes, although it does not involve Yours Truly.



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It's not "messy" .. it just might be uncomfortable for some.

The truth can actually "clean up" your life.

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Because its a BLUNT WEAPON

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Because... "you can't handle the truth".

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People can't take constructive criticism because they're too damn sensitive.

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