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when there is real love, there cant be real hate! It is only sthing like anger or disappointment for the ones we love most and betray ue the most!

N.B. This can be even worse than hate itself!

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Harmony neither acts nor reasons;

Love acts, but without reason;

Justice acts to serve reason;

But ritual acts to enforce reason.

When the Way is lost, there remains harmony;

When harmony is lost, there remains love;

When love is lost, there remains justice;

But when justice is lost, there remains ritual.

Ritual is the end of compassion and honesty,

The beginning of confusion;

Lao Tzu

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Because it's easier to hate than love, Love takes time, patience, understanding, it takes someone special to love, where as any idiot can hate without much effort.

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it's a test. the right choice isn't always easy.

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hate is for despise. when you have so much anger. toward one person. soon there is blame that spreads. but i dont understand that part of question.

love is one wants to change sees MEANING IN LIFE. that's all you to know. really.

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It's called yin and yang.

One cannot exist without the other.

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