Its 12:20 in the morning in the UK where I live, I should get to sleep...
happyguy14 happyguy14 18-21 6 Answers Jan 3, 2013 in Hobbies

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hink ofit more as saving money instead of being out on the town :)

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Lol. Fast ba ty :)

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Because it answers the need and desire of many people.

Most people need to ask and answer questions to develop

the mind.

Most people desire to express thinking, feeling, experience

to attain understanding from heart to heart.

It is good that today we have the Internet, and on Internet

we have such good things as EP, Google, Yahoo, Facebook,

Youtube and so on.

Our joy is double for having the virtual world to develop

hand in hand with the real world.

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I know! I haven't left my room ever since I joined!!

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Haha. me neither, bye family and friends, its just me and the website now :)

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