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KilieLove KilieLove 18-21, F 6 Answers Aug 8, 2010

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GOOD ANSWER, THERE zhafar, I live in West Virginia. There is one town, in which it switch hands 57 times, before it became settled there. The towns name Romney, WV. It's the home of the school for the Deaf & Blind. WV was also know for the Hatfields & McCoys feud. Which I am a decendent of the Hatfields..WV has alot of good history here. The term Redneck came from the Coal Fields, here as well. So I must say, "I am a Proud West Virginian"....

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West Virgina was a political breaking off of the greater state of Virgina because of the issues of sessions and abolishion just prior to the Civil War. They either did'nt know, or did'nt care which was further west. Abe was pleased. They did the right thing. Those who think the Civil War was not fought over the institution of slavery have not throughly studied the history of the United States. That war nearly erupted several times before it actually did.<br />
Oden is correct.<br />
600,000 American lives and millions maimed or broken, settled the question.

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Because when the Virginia territories separated, Virginia kept it's name so since we were more so on the western side it kinda made since.

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