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Anto815 Anto815 46-50, F 3 Answers Jan 22, 2011

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What do you mean "Jesus is not here to save us in time of recession?"<br />
He's ALWAYS ready to save, but the world must go through problems<br />
before it will be time for Him to come back.<br />
How absolutely lame it is to expect Jesus to "rescue" people in America<br />
from poverty when we've had about everything we want for decades?<br />
I hope He helps the people in China, Africa, India, S. America first! All<br />
most of them ever had was a hut with a dirt floor, one pot to cook with<br />
on rocks in the front yard and a little mat to sleep on the ground.<br />
America is STILL well off compared to others. <br />
I think Jesus is letting us go through hard times so we start depending<br />
on Him for a change instead of Gov't. People in the U.S. run to drugstores<br />
for pills, hospitals when they get a pain, insurance companies when they<br />
have a wreck and Hollywood when they get bored.<br />
Its all a big JOKE, really, when Americans claim they are "Christians".<br />
They hardly think about God at all.<br />
<br />
As for Jesus coming back there is a certain number of people who will<br />
be saved on the Earth. Only God the Father knows it, and when that<br />
number is reached He will tell Jesus to come gather His people home.

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It's the grapes. Can't get a decent wine

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because he is so disgusted n the human race

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