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anyone quite like me, with all of the grace and glimpses of heaven. Don't get me wrong I love love love love the EP community it's just that, I know the stars have it, it's not like we deserve it. Especially the christian artist sing about it, I live for it and with it. I would truely like to meet someone like me like Genny Owens and Peter Fuller from the Newsboys, they discribe my experiences so well in song of all of the wonders and miracles and I just wish that I could meet someone with similar experiences like me on here. I guess that if I make lots of wishes some of them may just cme true. I hope that they are enthusiastic and nice! If you ever meet someone who knows Gods grace like I have descrived send them my way ;) Thank you. Common Ground Seeker I know I know *smiles* I am just looking for those ones without missing out on all of my brothers and sisters! *Hugs* You know?
Jesusfoundme Jesusfoundme 31-35, F 5 Answers Nov 2, 2009

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Don't know what kind of people you are seeking for . People are different. Like me, believer, can be really indifferent; longing for passion but don't have;don't wanna sin but sinning all the time; try to be nice but failed when the difficulties came...<br />
I questioned my faith and mysefl.<br />
And, with no answer still. Am I waiting for someone likeminded? Yes. But do I expect too much? No.

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Anyone who is saved, has God's grace. Like you? Sounds like your bragging.

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