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I learned the phrase, "perception is reality," at least 6 years ago. I understand it. I have experienced some issues recently, though. I have been working with my company for 11+ years (I'm a 35 year old biologist working in technical marketing and sales). My manager has been in his position for about 2 years and with the company for about 3 years. It may be that he is a "new" manager (1st time at this level and about 2 years older than I), but the feedback I receive is very odd. I spoke with him once about a year ago (after something happened at my company), that perception is reality - explained the concept to him. I was specifically referring to the perception of some employees that work off-site, and they may not feel they really know what is going on at the home office.

Recently, I had a back injury and literally could not walk, sit or stand. I was advised by my doctor to go on bedrest for 3 days, take a steroid and pain killers. I went back to work, but I had another consultation and X-rays. I was advised to go to physical therapy by my doctor. I go 3 times per week - next week is my last week. I chose the earliest appointment slot - 8AM. The PT is 5 minutes away from my office. I have kept him informed of my appointments and PT. On Friday (yesterday), he told me that he was seeing a pattern in my attendance recently. I was shocked, and I did remind him that I was injured, etc. This was a total surprise to me. He indicated that he had a "source" and reminded me that others' perceptions are their realities. He likes to use that whenever an issue arises. I believe this comes from one person.

Also, I was told twice (over the last year by my COO) that I am too thin. Nobody ever sees me eat. I am thin, but I do eat. I am a workaholic. I work from home at nights, and I don't take lunch breaks (might grab something at my desk). I recently (mid-January) started going to the local shop to grab a small sandwich. This takes about 20 minutes, and I eat at my desk. Most people either go out for about an hour (my manager is gone for an hour + every day) or spend an hour in the break room. Apparently this has raised some eyebrows, as well. I am suddenly going out to grab a bite! No one knows where I am for 20 minutes, although I work in a corner office and am rarely encountered by anybody in the company.

The feedback has been inconsistent and does not make sense to me. Is it me, or are they just truly misinformed?

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Sounds like the people at your workplace do not have enough going on in their own lives and have a need to perceive others at their face value for something to chat about. Irrelevant conversation is very relevant to very irrelevant people.

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There is no way to go beyond one's perceptions. Perceptions (not the 5 senses) come from experience and of course, upbringing and brain chemistry and configuration. There is no way to step outside one's experiences. One can contemplate another's point of view but even this is perception. Truth is relative/subjective to the individual. This subjectiveness/ relative being is reality. Relative truth is equal to relative/subjective reality. Relative truth or reality is malleable, changeable as one goes through life and learns. People can go through mental exercises to help them be more objective on certain points. Being objective in science, mathematics, physics and other physical aspects is the mainstay. Being objective about what one has learned in their life through experience is next to impossible.

The real issue therefore is people's inability to understand that the intangible of relative truth/subjective truth/reality is connected to that person and unique like a person's fingerprint. Acceptance and tolerance as well as education and experience being around other groups outside their culture and ethnicities solves this issue.

There are two types of "reality." There is physical reality/truth which we share and is related to the 5 senses and the sciences, the study of the physical world. Then there is a 2nd reality: relative/subjective reality which is related to personal experiences, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, knowledge, understanding, the mind, and the intangible which is arguably an aspect of humanity that effects the world more profoundly. Words in the dictionary are there because people decided they should be there after coming to a consensus on what the word means. Philosophical ideas and ways of viewing things like reality can and will be debated and can mean something other than what is written in the dictionary. This is a sign of intelligence and growth, not a crime.

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We have a choice to percieve the world around us individually or to agree with the perception or dream of others.

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imagine it as being color blind you have no way to tell if some colors exist and as far as you can tell they don't. that is just my opinion.

like swachingers cat (sorry I can't spell) without observing something it neither exists or doesn't exist

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What is perception? It is the meaning that we give to reality. Yes reality is objective as one of the users above stated. And perception is subjective to the person experiencing the reality.

Meaning = Your Reaction (Reaction is an anagram of Creation) = Perception

We are the one decoding the reality through the meaning that we give to the events that happen to us. 100 people could experience an event but they all would have different perception of what actually happened. That meaning could come from our past programming or the way we decode the event through our senses- Touch, Sound, Taste, Smell, Feeling. You could directly change the meaning or change your Reaction or even change any one or all the senses around an event and the perception changes and that changes the event as experienced by you.

Search for Morty Lefkoe on internet. That guy explains this reality/perception mechanism in an excellent manner.

Thats what the ancient teachings say - Life has no meaning. It simply means you could give any meaning to life or the reality around you. Life/Reality is like a glass container. Yes it could be half empty or half full but you could also fill it with different shades, hues and colors of water. If you dont like seeing outside from red color water then change it to blue. By the way you could use this metaphor or any other metaphor(metaphors directly interact with reality or your subconscious mind) to change life. Say you have a bad event. See it in a glass container and see what color you see associated with it. Change the color in the water and check what happens.

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By opening a dictionary. Reality is objective and consistent. Perception is the subjective personal interpretation of said reality. But of course some people insist on confusing the 2. They have a misinformed perception of the word reality.

For someone seeking objectivity, that was a pretty vague question. No offense intended, I just didn't understand the specific meaning of your question.

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Wow.. I usually do not take well to being talked down to, but I have to admit, this is an excellent answer.
My point was something about how I think people should be more objective. I was looking for the best answer to solve this problem. Not practically, but philosophically.

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Because it is your own preception and the only way to change that is to change yourself.

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Of course my own biases changes reality for me. I think that my perception is pretty close to reality. I meant, how do we change that in general, not specifically my own views.

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If that's how you perceive things....Accept them!

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