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Here's the thing, I have 3 years and a couple of month w/him, and lately, he decided to let his hair grow, also he's like a little fat, and it looks so weird, because he used to has muscles, big ones, now he's like... someone on the street indeed of money, almost most of his clothes are old, with holes... The worst thing is that because all of that I feel that everything that I do for keep my body nice, hair and face.. is worthless. :< help, he's not beautiful :P so he looks pretty bad, at the point that I feel ashamed when I'm gonna present him to anothers :s.
Anilet Anilet 18-21 5 Answers Feb 9, 2012

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People tend to do that after they find a mate. When you're single you have to look your best.

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After reading this, I can think of a few possible reasons why. My first question would be what are you concerned with? Are you more concerned with his health or are you more concerned with how his well being is going to reflect on YOU. Have you thought of asking him what might be bothering him?

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