sometimes it frustrates me that my daughter never listens to me. and is always angry at me and my husband all we do is try to do the best for her to be good. she has everything a kid can want and love. but she does not appreciate it.she want to be outside playing all the time. i give her chance to play. and then she come in angry. slamming doors and yelling she is only 7 years old.and it seems to get worst each day. when i use to live by myself she was more controlled but now i just want to cry it seems she does not love me and it hurts because you do so much for them and no appreciation . i just want the best for her she does not even want to chat with me never.she says dont talk to me!!!!!!.and runs up the stairs and slams the door.hope you understand what i wrote and give me an advice or what could be happening
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I'm baffled by the answers here. That is NOT like a seven year old child, not any I've ever known. I have a seven year old daughter right now who wouldn't behave this way even on her worst day!

However, there for a brief period after we lost her father she did go through a spell where she just needed a lot of extra positive attention. And it helped that she had a therapist who has taught her how to handle strong emotions.

What it sounds like to me is that something has changed and it's been hard for her to adjust. You say "When I lived alone..." Does that mean you recently brought someone new into the home or did she live elsewhere before? Instead of punishments (as I've seen suggested) it might help more to address the reason for that underlying anger. And it needs to be done soon, before patterns are established. Good luck!

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Ur her mom not her friend ....Be strict and stop giving her everything she wants ...U better work on this fast or else she will be an out of control teen .....Punish her make her know that ur the boss.

I wish you the best !

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its called independence and really think about it. What would it take for her to have her way.....what I mean is do the kind of things the child likes to do with them and through those activities she will learn not only is doing what she enjoys is fun but will be taught the right way too! No love is greater than that of a child...

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boundaries are set not by physical spankings or worse but by not allowing priveleges of playing with favorite toys, watching tv etc...thats punishment enough for a child,,,,for a child.....a child does not have a complex thinking process yet, she's a child....

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That's a 7 year old girl for you

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