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JabberJojo JabberJojo 22-25, F 1 Answer Jan 18, 2013 in EP

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Wow. Thats a pretty arrogant and also idiotic statement...<br />
<br />
Its all relative. They aren't idiots, just different.<br />
<br />
... however I do fear we are steaming full speed towards Idiocracy:<br />
<br />
We are encouraging subsequent generations to be less and less self sufficient and have been for some 50 years or so now. We have an education system which has been reduced to cheap childcare - despite all of the best intentions of many involved - and now as the children are less capable we have college and university extended childcare and gradual introduction of your child into the adult world...<br />
<br />
I've met enough graduates, including those with PhD and research degrees, many from Oxbridge who frankly - I could pass their course from the textbook and the internet (I have written a dissertation for someone from their textbook and it was fine... for example) and feel very happy outperforming them in the workplace because the body of knowledge I taught myself far exceeds what they had to commit to memory and plagiarise to get the piece of paper.

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