Why do people get angry...why can't they handle that?...
Sharasithu Sharasithu 22-25, F 10 Answers Oct 1, 2011

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Probably because some people frustrate the hell out of them.

People do not listen to them,

People are over opinionated and not prepared to give a little.

anger is a release of pent up energy.

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anger is a natural emotion! it's your soul's way of guiding you through a rough place!

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Because they are hurt or hurting. If it is emotional hurt, it is because they feel no love or feel unloved (disliked, ignored, unappreciated, hated, etc.)

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coz they are ILLITERATE

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Dear Sharasithu,

People Get Angry For So Many Reasons..

Some Are From The Inside:

- They're Mad About Something..

- They're Facing Problems In Their Jobs

Or In The House..

- They Get Angry Very Fast About Everything..

- They're So Nervous (Nerves Sickness)..

- They Have An Illness In Their Brains..

Some Are From The Outside:

- People Make People Angry By Doing

Some Stubid Actions..

- Maybe They Heard Or Seen Something

Makes A Sane Person Go Insane..


Everybody Gets Angry At One Point..

& That's Ok.. Cuz We're Human..

Peace: RAWAN.S

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anger is often a mask for fear or insecurity

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nonsense !!!

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