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why most of the ppl play with love, with feelings of anyone.they don't love you still they show you that they do..and when you also start like them they just leave you and go with another gal..they forget you...and never be regret for it..they live happy,enjoy their life...get love of someone else...and the one who has hurt by them get a lesson not to fall in it again..and suffers..why this happen that who do wrong enjoy there life and who never do wrong with anyone suffers..why ppl play with feelings, with love?? :(
pal7 pal7 22-25, F 6 Answers Apr 22, 2012

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It happens both ways unfortunately, im sure you will meet people in life that you don't feel happy with and you might not handle it the best you should, thats life!

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Don't go by their smiles, their hearts can't feel true happiness after hurting someone else'

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