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Personally I can't fall asleep if my stomach is growling, so if that is the case I nibble on a little something before bed.

As for the negatives, many people believe that eating a large meal before bed makes one more likely to gain weight/store fat because:

a) your body's metabolism does indeed slow down at night and it is forced to digest food when it is at its least efficient

b) you are loading the body up with fuel which it will have no time to burn off. The sugars found in foods (whether it be the noodles you ate or the candy bar) make for a quick energy boost which is handy for the body during the day. However, if these sugars are not burned, they turn into fat. By eating these sugars before bed, you are loading up on "quick fuel" that you don't intend to put to use... unless you are doing aerobics in your sleep!

In addition, the horizontal position in which most people fall asleep in makes the cardiac sphincter more susceptible to opening and causing acid reflux, a.k.a heartburn.

However, these explanations are all up for debate because it very much depends on the person. Some people have no problem at all coping with it, others do. It is a matter of personal preference and how your body works things out. If you would rather avoid eating late at night, try to schedule your meals in such a way that you aren't starving right before bedtime.

I usually eat about an hour or 2 before I go to sleep so that I have a little time to burn off some energy with my last minute chores but I'm not stuck with a grumbling stomach at bed time.

I hope this helps!

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Oh, 'I' don't see ANYTHING "wrong" with eating before going to bed.

USED "to be" some Warm Milk and Cookies 'Guided one Off to sleep'.

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the cowboy is right

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....well, for the very same reason that people feel sleepy after a hearty meal in the daytime, the body takes that energy to digest the food. With diet, fluids and the pace of everyday life the body can digest these foodstuffs to take the essential nutrients from them, discarding the rest as waste to be excreted...

The problems come when you try to sleep straight afterwards....sleeping on a full stomach can be uncomfortable....the body has to split itself into shutting down AND trying to digest the food and the metabolism slows down....consequently body waste, without the movement the body has during, is hard to get rid of....leading to bowel management constipation, Irritable Bowel and other such issues.....

I would recommend to eat a few hours before bedtime and to have something light....

Samantha xx

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I've always thought this was an old wives tale.

I do believe that it effects some people's digestion, which in turn affects their sleep. This is especially true with those with acid reflux. Also, so people don't like sleeping full. I suppose this discomfort could lead to nightmares? All of this would be related to digestive disturbances that you may or may not have.

You basal metabolism does not slow down when you sleep. You're burning the same amount of calories that you would if you were lying down but not asleep.

I eat before I sleep nearly every night. I'm not (that) fat, I don't have nightmares, and I sleep like a rock.

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You might get nightmares.

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It's make u fat, and it's time to bed, it's not timework of our stomach.

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Your metabolism slows down when you're sleeping.

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Eating before bed may affect your REM sleep. This can deviate between restlessness and nightmares.

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You can eat a light snack before you go to bed, but if you eat a large meal it could interfere with your sleep.

Something to do with chemicals released into your bloodstream during the digestive process I'm told.

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eat but eat light. if i am hungry i dont sleep good either.

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