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I am a 44 B and wear a bra. My wife even buys me sexy lace push up bras and had me get electrolysis to keep the hair off. She says that if i have big boobs, I should not have hair on them. She enjoys them in the bedroom from time to time.

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Men do not wear bras because they would be laughed at and made fun of in the street no other reason if men wore bras and were accepted many more would wear them all the time.

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check out bro groups here-they have nicer bras than you and me

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Men, proudly display your manboobs, let them hang!

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I think some do, right? There are groups here on EP for men that wears bra everyday. Ask them why they wear bra...

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Women are herd animals. Men are not. That's just the way it is.

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There's the Bro. I don't know, why guys don't where a bra probably because it's dehumanizing for heaver set fellow to wear them when skinny men don't.

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The men are simply fat.

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Right now it isn't fashionable for men to have sticky out boobs and it is for women

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Here is just a small part to your question about men with boobs.

Researchers in Colorado have made a startling discovery. Fish, apparently male, are developing female sexual organs. Scientists believe it's the result of too much estrogen in the water and they're finding estrogen in rivers across the country.

In Colorado's rivers and streams, scientists are waist-deep in ritual of the season, using electric currents to stun native fish to the surface where they're measured and checked. But what they discovered in the white sucker fish has got even veteran scientists concerned.

"I've done a lot of studies throughout my career which extends back to 1973," says research associate John Woodling. “This is the very first time that what I've found scared me."

"This fish has characteristics of both male and female," says Dr. David O. Norris of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

And scientists have found lots of them in three Colorado rivers, all of them downstream from sewage treatment plants.

In the Boulder Creek, female white suckers outnumbered males five to one and 50 percent of the males also had female sex tissue.

Researchers say the cause is too much estrogen in the water, a natural female hormone that is found in every sewer system. But also, they say, certain chemical compounds in detergents and soaps can mimic estrogen.


Barbara Biggs, of Denver's largest sewage plant, says most of the nation's sewage plants simply can't remove all the estrogen in the water.

"We're concerned about the effect on aquatic life, but we're also concerned about our ability to actually treat for these estrogens and estrogen mimickers," says Biggs.

Estrogen mimickers are believed to be caused by chemicals called nonylphenols, found in everything from paints and rubber to cosmetics and plastics. They are considered a possible cause of kidney, eye, liver and reproductive problems.

They’ve been banned in much of Europe and are under review in Canada, but are still common in America, where they are flowing out of sewage plants and into clean water flowing into America's rivers.

Government researchers recently found natural estrogens and estrogen mimickers in 80 percent of the streams they tested in 30 states.

"We would be ingesting those chemicals, would absorb them, and they would add to whatever natural hormones we already have in the body," says Dr. Norris.

No one is certain what the impact is on humans. But since finding evidence that estrogen may be turning male fish into female fish, scientists are now looking at what it means for the nation's drinking water.

In a state that prides itself on living in harmony with nature, this is evidence, say researchers, of a hormonal imbalance.

THE SAME THING HOLDS TRUE FOR THE FEMALE GROWTH HORMONES USED IN ANIMALS TO MAKE THEM GROW FASTER. THIS IS MOSTLY DONE IN BEEF, SINCE THE BEEF WE EAT IS MOSTLY FEMALE CATTLE AND PORK. This list go on and on concerning hormonal imbalance in our food and water supply. Look what happened to the fish, since they reproduce within a one year time frame. 25 years of fish mutations would be 25 generations for humans, meaning hundreds of years. Brief but quick overview, the research information is out there if you want to look for yourself.

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