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...And if the broom did not exist what you think they could use instead?
Isabellaaa Isabellaaa 46-50, F 5 Answers Jan 14, 2013 in Community

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Because witches are compulsive clean freaks. Whenever you see one flying on a broom, you can be sure she's heading to her next cleaning job.<br />
<br />
If brooms didn't exist, I expect you'd see modern witches riding carpet steamers and electric dishwashers (for really big witches who don't know any diet spells). ;-)

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They're eco friendly, ergonomic and get good gas mileage

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Seriously it was because they used a broom for fornication and put a drug on the end of the broomstick. That's why they felt like they were flying, it was hallucinations.

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