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Why allow this inept and tyrannical government to take your rights? You and I both know damn well what this country is slowly becoming now don't we? This government debt that has amounted to be more debt than all the presidents combined under Obama is a threat to our Nat'l security! If you don't see this then you are in need of some serious awakening. Look at the rights that have been violated under this regime, Look at the scandals that have surfaced under this pretender-in-chief. It is his watch and he has failed the American people. His lies, his mishandling of our Constitutional rights, his at a whim to pull out an executive order bypassing the Congress and Senate. All of these are red flags. It is Obama that we need to fear and we need to take back government, monitor them and also fire many. Soon the truths will surface and eventually these sheep that follow a false shepherd like Obama will wake up! God bless us all in this fight!
USPatriot USPatriot 26-30, F 4 Answers Feb 14, 2014 in Community

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Umm Obama is only responsible for perhaps $4-6 trillion of the $17 trillion debt. And it is our fault not the government, we vote. The government is the people, not some powerful conspiracy with a hidden agenda. The people you are preaching to are the ones causing the problem.

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I fear Biden more. But at least we'd know where we stand with him?

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