She sits at the door instead of doing her business. But I don't know what it takes for her to do her business. My other dog does his business pretty well, and no problems--he just goes when he goes outside. When I go outside with her, all she wants to do is play. Sooo I let them in, goto bed, and wake up with poop (sometimes pee [or both]) somewhere in the house. Why wont she go?
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Sounds like you are going to have to train her some more. Somewhere along the way, she's got it mixed up and now that she poops and pees in the house, the scent keeps drawing her back.

I suggest you stay outside with her until she does her business for a couple of weeks. Every time she does her business outside, praise her. When she does it inside, look and sound unhappy and put her out when you find it. Of course, not going to sleep when you go inside will help you catch her before or as she's doing it and you can put her outside. There are some products on the market that can remove the scent which would also help.

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Sounds behavioral.

Like taking it out on you.

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It could be that your dog started going inside, and now she associates doing her business with doing it indoors. The first step is to remove the smell from the house. There are products that are designed to do this. If a dog has relieved itself indoors, then the smell of that will remain and encourage the animal to repeat the behavior. Next, it would be good if you could get your dog on a tight schedule, at least until the training is accomplished. For a few days, take your dog outdoors at least every two hours. Feed her at a set time, and don't vary from that routine. Don't feed her after suppertime. After feeding and watering, wait about 20 minutes, and take the dog out. Don't distract her in any way, and wait. If she "performs", then reward her and reinforce the behavior. Keep taking her out periodically until she does what you want. When she does, make a big deal out of it. This will require time and patience.

Perhaps your dog has an anxiety about "going" outdoors? Is this a behavior that started with puppyhood or is your dog still a "puppy"? Is this a deeply entrenched habit that has been going on for years? A lot depends on the history of the behavior.

Another thing you might try. When she does her thing indoors, wipe up part of it with a paper towel or an old rag. Remove the urine or droppings thoroughly from the house. Take the sample that you have on the rag or towel outdoors and place it in an area where you might like her to relieve herself. Then take her to that spot and let her smell the towel. She will come to associate her "relievings" with that area, and hopefully get the point. Each time you take her out, take her to that spot and reward her if she performs.

It sounds as if you will need to be very consistent....maybe even stay up a little late to make sure she gets outside often enough. At least until she understands what she is to do.

Good luck! :).

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Well. if there was animals in the house before, there scent is there no matter what unless you get new carpet or eve then sometmes it doesn't go away, Dogs like to mark there territory. My grandmals dog does that to.

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Sometimes a dog will do that to get attention from you, sometimes because they're trying to be in charge instead of you. It could even be something physically wrong with her, so you might want to speak to a vet about the problem.

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