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because she would **** like a beast

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That's our way of saying poof , be gone. Trust me, ignoring you is a

Nice way to say give me space either temporarily or sometimes forever.

If you must approach during this ignoring phase, please do it with genuine

Kindness, and if you didn't completely burn the bridge , you will get your

Sweet, caring, generous, nurturing , gentle Taurus woman back again.

As a Taurus woman I love beautiful situations, if I'm ignoring you, that

Means that you are bringing ugliness in some form..and I will not give

My attention to ugliness...unless there's some monetary compensation!

Sounds cruel, but its true!

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When that specific person is making fun of us.. Or making us center of attention among group of people.. Like teasing us... And stuff( i think this happens to taurus males too.)

If u did something taurus dont like.. Even if it nothing to do w her.. Yeah.. In my case,

i dont like people who are smoking.. No matter how kind they are, i start to ignore them and ( if worst) as the other guy said " we refuse the acknowledge of their existance" and look u as a non entity... Not to be rude.. Like ' oh im perfect person' NO . Dont misunderstood bout us. Just that we like peace things in our lives.. We dont want to be surrounded by people like that..

Also OTHERS taurus people ( boy or girl) will talk to u as if u were really close then all of a sudden ignore.. Is because... Few facts:: 1 we dont wanna talk to u..or simply just dont wanna talk 2 sometimes if that taurus is rude, her / his reason is because he find u not interesting to talk to or got bored of you..................... And last and one true fact.... TAURUS DONT LIKE LOoooong and endless conversation,. So if that happenes bet. U and taurus expect him/ her to ignore u somtime.

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you must have offended her,or she hates you much man.

when taureans hate people ,they refuse to acknowledge their existence.The frigid indifference is scary,which tells you that you're blacklisted.They will look through you,ignore you,and see you as a non entity...

you push them too far,and you'll have a bloody nose...but hey,u asked for it.

God help when they shower violence on you as the last resort to put you in your place.

taurus women are also shy before the men they like...but you'll definitely know which end of the spectrum you lie when they are quite and shyly smile.

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I was married to a taurus woman for 15 years - believe me, they don't need a reason to ignore you!

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maybe you shouldn't use astrology to try to find an answer to you problems

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you are not a bull enough for her...get some bull traits and get appreciated .

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Because she recognizes that you're full of bull?

Haha...sorry...being silly. I have no clue how being Taurus would affect anyone.

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Let's see I'm looking at one now...

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My Taurus girlfriend of 3 yrs and I are on the outs. I got jealous over her ex husband who came into town to see the kids, and treated her as if she was unfaithful to me. She cut all contact with me, and I'm sure things would have been ok if I had given her time to cool off and gave her a sincere apology. Instead I tried to push a solution though text, and became desperate and went to her house, and her job at the end of her shift, which only drove her away farther. I disregarded her request, and one month later she's telling me it's over for good. What can this Virgo man do to earn her forgiveness. I love her so much, and don't want to lose her. How do I make a mends with her. Please help!!!

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Because she trusted you, was open to you but something that you said or did (most probably something that smells like BS) has wounded her deeply and she is dishing to you what it's like to be at the bitter end. Trust me, it's close to impossible to reverse the damage and she really doesn't want to be screwed over a second time. Taureans are very straightforward people and they don't like to be f'kd around. Never take their kindness as a weakness or they will show you how strong and determined they can be.

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yea whatever

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truth hurts huh? LOL!

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