I'm serious I haven't done anything wrong in fact I haven't spoken to her for some time so I don't think I could have done something when I haven't even spoken to her in the first place! Last time I spoke to her she was fine, I'm really wondering what could be the reason for someone to suddenly tell you this?
MissGaga MissGaga 22-25, F 8 Answers Jun 16, 2012

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perhaps she found a love interest and doesn't want old feelings to resurface

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Maybe it is because you haven't spoken to her for some time. Women are fickle. Give her some space and then she will probably come to you and chew you out over whatever it is that is bothering her and you can move forward.

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You know what, that could be the reason!

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She can't cope with something, I don't know what. You will have to let go of it.

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...and there is no way I could ever get her to speak about anything!

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maybe she is bi-poler or has some other sht going on

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She's probably angry at you for something you did. I feel the same way about my ex - I don't want him near me or else he'll get a blow to the face!

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My GF (not even XGF !!) kinda did that this week..Everything was awesome,.even when she went on holidays and we were e-mail all the time..

The sudden switch-off may be for some fickle reason,.but that still does not help much in dealing with it..

So at least you know it can happen to anyone at any time..

It would definitely be noted by any psychologist in an evaluative sense.

Therefore its not to be taken too personally.

However we still need to process it and get beyond it somehow..

For me,.well i will just wait and see..Its been a week with no e-mail.

I can relish the memories,..ponder the shutdown,..and embrace whatever the future brings, day at a time.

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