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We split about 5 weeks ago,we have exchanged a few not so nice emails and texts. He's commented about me being with someone else which I'm not and why should it bother him anyway? Xmas day he text me and I asked him to give my wishes to his friends that I got on very well with and he did that and I thanked him for it, he replied with just remember that I'm ace that's why you want me back,what was all that about. He rang me Xmas night and asked me if I was going to this competition and I said I might do.i text him after to thank him for ringing me and he said we don't need to all out and later he said that I hated him which I don't.I tried to him I don't.He said it would be nice to stay in touch but it was upto me,I said it would be hard and I will try as he was right in the text earlier that day.. I didn't get a response to that.Anyway why would he want to stay in touch if he is trying to get his life together and blamed me for everyting that went wrong and doesn't want to be with me.
Dolphinlady123 Dolphinlady123 41-45, F 6 Answers Dec 26, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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It sounds like he wants to keep you around to stroke his ego. He seems really insecure and immature. I recommend just losing touch with him and moving on with your life.

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The fact that you're over doesn't mean that love is gone. And the fact that someone may love another, that does not prevent us from seeing the errors of somebody's ways. Then agan, maybe he just wants someone to blame.

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You aren't very familiar with people playing games with you are you? <br />
this is a classic, "lets just be friends". <br />
you need to cut him loose and ignore him (and his friends, because they will always be HIS friends!). <br />
<br />
Loose his number and more on to better people.

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