Seriously...if someone could explain this to me...that'd be great.
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Maybe Daddy's paying for it.

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Debt, debt and more debt. The nations love it because it helps keep the banking industry going. Whilst, at the same time, a person can save and get a meager 2.5% Interest on their Investments; it's shameful.

I learned a long time ago that debt is not too unlike a lead ballon that drags everyone down in the end. If I can't afford it I don't have it; that's where I am. To spend such an amount and spend 'X' number of years paying back the cash will never warrant such a debt that you mention here.

(My personal opinion, of course)


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In some cultures the parents pay for the wedding....other than that....different people have different priorities.

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Somebody else must be paying for the wedding.

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