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It ssems just about every time I go into a chatroom he seems to find out which one I am in at the time. All of a sudden I am getting im from this person who, at first I think is not him, after a short time I realize it is him again. This has happened like 30 times. I am not involved with him and I do not attend his concerts. What's wrong with him? He recently told me he wanted to come to the city where Iive for a romantic hook-up even. The next day he said he doesn't get down this way much. I think he is trying to come on to me hoping I will spend money on his crap, whiich I do not do any way. I decided if he wants to chat without me spending money I will. Is this odd? He is not so famous now. He encourages his female fans to act like they are all in love with him by the way!
Bamacatgirl Bamacatgirl 61-65, F 1 Answer Jun 22, 2011

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