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They are right.

I am really more stupid than my grandchildren.

I was born in the time of typewriter,

they are born in the time of Ipad.

I was surrounded by the bamboo fence around the small village,

now they are travelling around the world.

I had been influenced by outdated customs,

today they swim in the wide ocean of world cultures.

Yes, I admit that that they are tremendously knowlegeable,

and I only wish that they use it for building a unified world

of love, unity and peace, which was my most cherished

and most utopic dream!

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Just because they did not stop to think that they will get old, too. If they did, they would see that being stupid like I feel today, is very cool, as they usually say. By the way: I am 64.

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Because many of them are slow and stuck in their ways.

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But there are just as many with endless wisdom to share.

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When silence is better then a ones words. Wisdom then dictates that one's oppinions of others should be limited. This can be understood at any age but often takes practice to be obsereved.

Stupid reffers to an inability to learn... Love, understanding and compassion offers the sharing of emotional, mental and spirital openness which offers respect, honesty and the ability to comperhend more on every level of our being within every stage of our lives.

Presumed ignorence, negetivity and a refussal to relate to others based on thier age, physical ability, sexual preferences, fear and/or preceived beauty prevents growth an the oppertunities to share amazing relations of any kind and also limits the sharing of knowledge in all of it's forms.

Remmeber when you "assume" you make a "*** (out of) u (&) me".

Many who hate to be judge have the harshes oppinions of others!

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In my casei put on a puzzled look and act dumb fools the cocky m/fkrs no end!

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Because young people always want to be right, no matter what! Some have to learn the hard way!

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I'm 21 and I don't. I actually think most young people are stupid... I prefer the company of the over 50 crowd over people my age any day--I only have a few friends under 35.

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Young people think old people are stupid for the same reason religitards "think" scientists are ignorant. It is always the most ignorant who are the most certain.

The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

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LOL @ "religitards!" I'll have to remember that one!

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CC - The problem with religious people is NOT that they want to have their religion. The problem with religious people is that they want OTHER PEOPLE to have their religion. If they kept it to themselves (in their homes and churches) and out of the public square (schools, laws, and government) they would never hear a word of criticism.

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Because we start to slow down. We forget things, sometimes we have to think a little before we respond. We're not into the things that interest young people; so they think we have nothing to offer. Old people aren't stupid, and not all young people feel that way.

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because they quarrel and suggest instead of telling in cool happens in most cases..

but of course their experience make them behave so...

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