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sonisingh sonisingh 26-30, F 3 Answers Sep 7, 2010

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it is nice but not in regular

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if your wife likes the taste of curry it would be a good thing but if not a very bad one. Like Koreans smell (from KimChi) like garlic. I am told by Korean women that Korean men's ***** tastes like garlic too. If she likes curry she will enjoy bringing your fantasy to life but if not? Ruin it just as (if not even more) easily. The thing is you have to discuss all the possible outcomes to each and every possible situation before they come up and they will come up, Because sharing can easily get out of hand especially with more than two attendants. Thing is, you have to have a workable plan to discuss after each occurance, what should be changed for making each new occasion even better each time, the size and weight of her new lovers or attendants Along with never being jealous when your wife tells her lover he's the best or biggest and just loves his come to eat when she doesn't eat yours. Just be ready to loose her and accept it without being a cry baby. Sharing often opens avenues of deceipt, not always but if you aren't the best lover she's ever had and she has substantial experience to know it. She'll leave you for a dumbstick for sure.

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