Try it and see - I bet it will and I would love to see it.

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Yes it would look awesome and I am a person that wear color hair it would look great try it you'll like it.

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I dont know, it can look a bit trashy ,like Beyonce and Maria Carey . And its hard to get right if your hair is black to begin with,it sometimes goes reddish and looks rather like a disaster.

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Your skintone is THE single most important thing when selecting a hair color!!!

what do you mean by 'medium brown'? or let me ask it this way..

does your skin have a 'cool' or pinkish undertone? or a 'warm' one..........just look at the underside of your wrist to find out!!

if it's the 'cool' tone, ash blonde would be great; remember, 'ash' implies the absence of 'warmth' as in a cigarette ash.......see?

if, on the other hand, you have a 'warm' skintone, then the ash shades would LOOK HORRIBLE on 'ash' is 'cool' while your skin is 'warm'.

if you have the 'warm' skintone, then you want the 'warm' blondes!! like honey blonde, etc.....those blonde shades with 'warmth' to them

you NEVER want to wear anything that's opposite to your skintone; this goes for clothes, etc.

I'm a retired hairdresser/makeup artist & would be happy to advise you further if you like.......Look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!

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