Won't that just be eliminating more jobs? Even if the private sector picked up the slack we would still be losing jobs with guaranteed benefits.
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This argument is something of a canard. (Or as they say in politics a "circular firing squad" argument.) It pretends that continuing to pay these people won't have a negative effect on jobs, when the tax drain involved makes it clear that it will.

If we don't fix something soon then not a few federal workers will lose their jobs - they all will. Believe it or not, governments do go bankrupt. A few on the street is not as bad as everyone being there (and a collapse of our social safety net as a consequence.)

Second, if we can get the deficit under control, it will be easier to expand the private sector. That does mean more jobs. Since most goverment employs are actually educated workers, they will be some of the first hired and it actually helps a private industry that has a shortage of educated workers.

Finally, a smaller government is more likely to be a more nimble and efficient government. I don't know too many organizations that ever regretted losing a few levels of middle management - and the government is bloated with middle management right now.

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they dont need as many thanks to social networking!!!

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There's a lot of folklore about federal jobs. I'm old fashioned and prefer to call them civil service employees, and I am one. Yes, there's waste and I see it. And yes, a lot of middle management needs to go away. (I would cheer the demise of the Department of Education.) But not every one of them has a simple job wasting time. Some of us dodge bullets (I have), cut thru the BS so actual projects get permitted (I do), and put in way more time than we ever get paid for. Besides, terminating every civil service employee wouldn't erase the deficit. The answer is going to be wider than that, with reductions in "gimmees," the entitlements that should sunset but don't, putting a stop to punishing high wage earners for success, heading off the breathtakingly stupid idea that investment income should be taxed at the same rate as wage income (why save money or invest it if the government will take 40% of it?). Has anybody here with a job actually worked for a poor person?

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Federal jobs are not hard, they like to put four people doing the same thing. Only one is working. It's unbelievable.

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