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I meet a guy that is friends of my cuzin which was 3 years ago and i cant get him off my mind all he did was ask my name the whole time the party went on and that was just before he left the party i had my eye on him like when i went outside to smoke he was already outside smoking by himself i went outside with my another one my cuzin i was gonna show her my tattoo i just got but he was standing out there 0.o but then i thought later on that would be hot for him to see maybe thats like a regret i kinda get its like i shoulda did this or said that and i dont end up sayn or doing anything so yea the party ended later on =/ with him just asking my name i did tell him that at least and i added him to fb when i see him we still dont even talk he liked a few pics and i liked a few pics back but not a convo in 3 years which there never was one his sister is engaged to my other cuzin that aint really related to me idk why im even thinking bout him this long
DragonflyStolen DragonflyStolen 22-25, F 1 Answer Apr 6 in Dating & Relationships

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damn so young and yet a beautiful life your going to waste on a if and a hanger

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