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We live in hope.

Hope that things will change.

Change starts at the bottom and works it's way upwards.

Upwards is our goal.

A goal is worth cheering for but only if it is for our side.

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They're sending in the elite, complete with guns
To advertise the way to go
Faxing through the fax to make it clear
That they're the ones who know
They're trying to get to us, to take our libertyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! ! !

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What the heck does that mean

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no. the people on wall street do not care what the protester have to say. The OWS people do not control the $$$ and that is what wall st is concerned with. bankers and brokers do not ruin for re-election every few years, and they don't need your vote to stay in office. The politicians will never do anything but a few symbolic votes to appease the peasants because the people on wall street are the one who fund election and re-election campaigns

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Defeat? Probably not. Evict may be doable though.

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The Death Star has control of much of the Rebel Alliance's communications systems, so most of the 99% will eventually turn on their own freedom fighters.

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