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I've read a couple of the Jack Reacher novels and thought they were OK, but nothing to get too excited about. If you wanted to read something a bit better have a look at the Vin Cooper novels by David Rollins.

I was surprised that they actually filmed a Jack Reacher story with Tom Cruise in the role. The character is supposed to be about 6' 5" tall. Tom is about 5' 7".

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If I remember correctly, Lestatte was supposed to be around that height as well, yet Anne Rice, who was initially opposed to Cruise playing the part, was easily converted to a fan. The guy has something. Hes a really good actor, but there is some sort of charisma thing with him.

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I'm sure he'll turn out a good performance, but just thought it was a strange choice for someone who was supposed to be an MP. Whenever they depict those guys in the movies, they're usually pretty large; which makes sense considering what they have to deal with.

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The choice of tom cruise has tainted everything for me.

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sure, unless the movie tanks. lee child cranks out those novels one after another, so there's no shortage of material....but why tom cruise...reacher was supposed to be this big tall wall of solid muscle.

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I would be very surprised if that movie is any good.

First, the novels suck.

Second, Tom Cruise sucks (literally)!

It would never occur to me to watch that, even for free!

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