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This is weird, but around 2008-2010 there were two cases, very specific ones, where a 'nerd' has killed somebody by using his legs to strangle the person. The one nerd was a stereotypical teenage geek who was skinny. the other a chess nerd in his late 20's who got good grades. the chess nerd got drunk the teenage nerd did it to an alleged bully.. before that, ive never heard of this happening but the exact method of murder were identical. im wondering if this will happen again or if those cases were just flukes. they both happened in america.
spiritgirl234 spiritgirl234 16-17, F 4 Answers Apr 24, 2012

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Americans are generally insane. I think we have a lot of insanity to come, way worse than what we are seeing now. That is why I know where my Bible is at all times.

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awesome! i hope it does happen again. you want something to worry about? watch suicide circle. now that is freaky

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