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I've a friend . A good friend of mine. She knows me well , more than I do . Just like the back of her hand. But . past these years , I think . Umm I guess she hurts me too much , in a way I can't take it. But still , I love her ! And it haunts me between all the right things she has done and one wrong thing she's doing .
chanceux chanceux 16-17 6 Answers Aug 10, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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you like to be abused

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Yes, but it will never be the same. Just like spilled milk, or broken pot, it can not be repaired right anymore.

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the question is is there something to forgive? Just because we're hurting, doesn't always mean someone did something wrong, many times some actions might hurt us but nobody is doing anything wrong. <br />
Another thing.. even if she is doing something wrong, if she doesn't see it that way or doesn't intend to stop, no point in forgiving her.<br />
<br />
So 1st of all, what is she doing that's hurting, does she know her actions hurt you, does she also think she's in the wrong and is she willing/able to stop them?<br />

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