I have lived in the south for many years and although some may prefer this, I have wanted to move to a state with a different culture and more features that seem suitable. Many in my home state treat me differently because they always seem to have the impression that I am from somewhere else. I don't like the fact that people here seem to gossip about someone as to single them out. I also don't like the yelling to one another instead of speaking or the lack of respect for the personal space of others. People expect you to converse with them even if you are just running errands and cross their path. (not saying everyone, but states have different cultures). Positive aspects I am looking for: Relatively safe place for kids A good transportation system that includes trains Somewhere that is not too hectic with heavy traffic that could be comparable to NY traffic A place where the top cities have attractions such as places for kids, museums, etc A place close to coast
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I found mine. (Kind Of (?) ... ) I run into the same kind of absurd crowds, but getting the climate and peace I have is the best here (For Me) in Aberdeen, Washington.

Sometimes I have the opposite. I will try to converse with others, but I'm intruding on them. So it doesn't work very well this way either.

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You might look into some place like Seattle.

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I live in Northeast Kansas. Friendly people, diversity. Close to Kansas City. Safe, great place to raise the kids. Lakes, hills, change in seasons. Accepting of those different from us. We have K-State, KU, Washburn U. ...

We are land locked, however.

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2nd lowest crime rate in US.

Awesome public school system (5th graders are assigned a laptop computer)

Light traffic (half the population of Boston in a state that's nearly the size of Florida)

Very family-oriented

90% trees, only 10% populated

Right on the coast.


~Cold in winter

~High state taxes

~Even the homeless can't afford to live here

~Too many people competing for too-few jobs... get work lined up first.

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Miami FL! been here since spring and its awesome i used to stay in NYC before that

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The mid-west. California and NY are pretty screwed up.

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Houston, Dallas

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