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My canvas is my mind where i make beautiful images for only my mind to see and when i want my fears with distress and anxiety to fade away like waves in the sea When i’m stuck in a place that is so dark like a night with no stars it makes every fabric of my reality shudder in fear for who i really am on the inside How many paintings will i have to create to cover up my pain when i dread every time i feel it scratching the door i keep locked so will start speaking lies to me I’m only left with one resolution which is to paint my entire life on one canvas so all my memories are painted so i don’t hide them from me anymore
blackrockphantom blackrockphantom 18-21, M 2 Answers Mar 9, 2014 in Community

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just write it and let it go. I find most pleasure and freedom when I write that way. Good luck!

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I like it! I also can relate to your poem quite deeply.

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:3 yay

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