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If a guy looks me up and down "approvingly" I punch him in the face, and break his nose!

I love it when guys check me out, but there is a respectful way to do it, and a disrespectful way of doing it. Looking a girl up and down is extremely disrespectful, I dont care if you gave me an "approving" look, I dont need anyones approval. I have my own approval. Why would I need yours?

Its very arrogant when a guy gives a girl an "approving" look, who the **** are you to approve of anything? Honestly, who are you? What have you done with your life that gives you the right to "approve" of the way someone looks. Are you the looks police? Maybe I don't "approve" of the way you look. Ever thought about that?

By looking a girl up and down with "approval" shows a girl that you dont have much experience with women, and have probably never had a girlfriend before.

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No. That guy is X-ed out immediately in my book.

I am however flattered if a guy looks me down and up approvingly.

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